tapStat PPC

tapStat PPC 0.90

Free set of statistical tools

A set of statistics tools for the Pocket PC including: summary, capability, SPC, regression, and ANOVA.

Data can be entered directly into the program and it can import/export ".CSV" files for use with desktop spreadsheets.

Features include:

  • Built in data entry grid
  • Can import and export ".CSV" files from desktop spreadsheets
  • Summary statisitics and capability analysis
  • SPC charts (I/MR, Xbar-R, Xbar-s, c, np, p, u)
  • Regression (linear, power, exponential, quadratic)
  • Chi-square table analysis
  • Lookup tables (z, t, chi-square)
  • Attribute capability calculator

Add advanced statistical capabilities to your Pocket PC.

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tapStat PPC


tapStat PPC 0.90

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